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Hi everyone!

I’ve recently purchased a domain and moved this blog over to I wanted more control over the site design and functions. I hope you all follow me there!




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Blue Dress from India

Here Melanie looks totally adorable in a blue patterned dress she bought during her volunteership in India. I like how she pairs it with nude heels. I’ve been wanting a pair – they are so versatile and can go with almost any outfit. Melanie’s kitten heels are a perfect solution to those of us who can’t stand walking in heels. They add a bit of height without sacrificing comfort.


Nude heels are such a wardrobe essential. What other items do you absolutely have to have in your closet?

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A Bit of Sass and Class

This is the final post with my long hair! Here I am, pairing red again with the taupe midi skirt. It just works so well that I thought, why mess with a good thing? Also, can you tell red is one of my favorite colors to wear? Craving attention much? Yah, probably…

To add a bit of sass to this classy look, I wore these killer Nine West sandals I got on clearance last year. From the stiletto heels to the touch of leopard print, these shoes were screaming “Buy me!” and for a fleeting moment I believed that my life wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get them. Yep, I can be that frivolous and materialistic. They were on clearance though, so…it was kind of ok.

I miss my long locks. For some  wonderful and inexplicable reason, my hair framed my face perfectly that day. If it had looked like that every day, I wouldn’t have felt the need to chop a whopping 5 inches off.

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A Floral Affair

Here is the lovely Melanie once again. Unlike me, she is drawn less to color than to the browns, blacks, whites, and grays. But she is not shy to patterns and prints! Here she is modeling a floral skirt, and her blouse has some ruching detail.

Who needs bright colors when you just look gorgeous without any effort?

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Fatherhood & St. Joseph

Note: I wanted to write this article in honor of Father’s Day, but it took a bit more discernment than I thought. In any case, I hope it provides some good reading for you on this Sunday.

A few days ago, a friend’s angry status appeared my Facebook newsfeed about gender double standards in society. The trigger for her rant was a conversation with a reference for a potential mentor for a child. The reference said “She’d be a great mentor. I think she’ll make a great mom one day. I mean, if she finds the right husband.” Her beef with this statement was that guys never compliment each other by saying “He’d make a great father one day.” The fact that this seemingly harmless statement can incite anger made me want to reflect on the matter.

As a woman who has been written off and talked down to more than enough time in her life (oftentimes by other women as well as men), I do share my friend’s sentiment of being fed up with society’s double standards. But let’s look at this from a different perspective. Why is it that men don’t affirm each other in this way?
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Warby Parker – My Eyeglasses Solution

I finally got new glasses! Yah! This is a big deal because my last pair is now almost 4 yrs old, and they are pretty scratched up and bent from overuse. Contacts are cool and all, but my eyes need a rest sometimes. I’ve been thinking about getting new ones for some time now, but as any of you eyeglasses wearers out there would know – these things are ridiculously expensive! Especially when insurance doesn’t cover it. Costco used to be my solution to this problem, but they’ve changed their policy since my last purchase and now only allows members to order glasses from them. Seeing as I do not have a membership (and do not see the point in getting one), I was out of luck. That is, until a few weeks ago when my coworker introduced me to Warby Parker.

More about this awesome find after the jump.
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A Touch of Red

Happy Sunday!

Sorry about the blurry pictures! But I liked this outfit so I’ll do a short post for it anyway. This skirt is relatively new from Forever 21. It’s great because I’ve been looking for something midi-length and this one is so perfect – I love the graceful way it flows as I move around. And of course, I had to add in a pop of color to the outfit. Blacks, grays, and neutrals on their own are usually too boring for me.

Gosh I should’ve ironed that skirt. Ai ya…I’m so lazy!!! Next time.

I linked up this post with the Pleated PoppyRolled Up Pretty, and Transatlantic Blonde. Check out these other ladies’ cute outfits!


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